A new adult party game by the creators of

Drawing Without Dignity...

YOU'RE AN IDIOT... and your friends are, too.  No one is safe from judgment (including you) in this fast paced, easy-to-learn card game. 

  • Ages 1 7+

  • NSFW

  • Not for the easily offended, you idiots.

  • 3-10 players

  • 30-60 minutes

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The judge spins the spinner.

Spinner points to an Idiot at the table.

It's pointing to 

our good pal, Bob, so Bob's 

the Idiot.

The judge plays any card about Bob, the Idiot.

 Bob did what

"and ended up in

the ER"?

All other players play another card about Bob, facedown.

The judge reads the card combinations aloud and chooses the best one to win the point.

Bob used a

well-trained hamster to retrieve the hard-to- 

reach drug pouch... and

ended up in the ER.

Bob showed

absolutely no mercy...

and ended up in

the ER.

Bob ordered some gas

station sushi... and ended

up in the ER.

Bob fell off a 

stripper pole... and

ended up in the ER.



You just might have to mix up your cards before you play one.  Gotta keep things fresh, you know.

If the spinner lands on...

Sloppy Seconds: Unwanted cards from everyone's hand get passed around the

table, which means 

it's sloppy seconds 

for everyone.

   In the Dark: The judge         plays a card from              their hand without

         showing the other                    players, so                  everyone plays

            their own card

          while "in

        the dark."

Take a Dump:

Judge determines

how many cards from everyone's hands may be

traded in for new ones.


We know you have a certain someone in your life that makes you think, You're an idiot.  Now you know exactly what to buy them.  



YOU'RE AN IDIOT: A Party Game (ages 17+)


  • 400 premium printed playing cards

  • Spinner

  • Game rules

$29.99   Sale $24.99

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